Adding ReviewRev Embed for V1 Mopro Website

            Adding a ReviewRev Embed for V1 Clients

            We can add a Mopro client’s ReviewRev reviews to their V1 website via an embed. To add the ReviewRev embed, select “Step 2 Choose Your Pages” in the client’s V1 Builder.

            Duplicate the About page, hover over the About page gear icon, and select “Duplicate Layout and Content”.

            Hover over the gear icon on the duplicated page and select “Edit Page Settings”.

            Rename the page “Reviews” and save.

            Select the Back button.

            Select “Step 3 Add Your Content”.

            Select the Reviews page from the drop down menu.

            Select the pencil icon in the Headline module. 

            Select the pencil icon.

            Change the caption to “Reviews” and select the Save button. 

            Select the Done button.

            Remove all containers from the body of the page. Drag the containers to the staging area. 

            The containers are now in the staging area:

            Add a new flex row.

            Drag and drop the embed module into the new flex container. 

            Navigate to the clients ReviewRev portal and select the Get 5 Star Reviews tile.

            Select the embed icon

            Enter the review page URL you created for the client and select the Update button.

            Click the Copy to Clipboard button.

            The embed code is now copied.

            Navigate back to the client’s Reviews page. Select the pencil icon on the embed module.

            Paste the code and select the Save button.

            Select the Save button at the top right of the screen.  

            Navigate to the front end of the client’s website and confirm that the ReviewRev embed has been added correctly.

            Updated: 23 May 2019 08:06 AM
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