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            Competition Tracker Overview

            Select the Competition Tracker tile.

            Select “Get Started”.

            Allow location tracking so we can recommend competitors in your area.

            Search for your competitors by business name or industry.

            When you find a competitor you want to track, toggle the tracking button to On.

            Below you’ll see recommended competitors based on your location.

            Select “Save”.

            You will now be able to view posts about your competition.

            Each post has an emoticon next to it that rates the post as unhappy, neutral, or happy. Click to change the emoticon if you notice any discrepancies.

            See where people are posting about your competitors.

            View each competitor’s happiness ranking. 

            Filter by competitors or emotion, or use the search bar.

            Sort by today, this week, or this month.

            Refresh the page by selecting the refresh icon.

            Select the gear icon to change competitors.

            Updated: 25 Nov 2019 06:27 AM
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