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            Connecting Google Alerts to ReviewRev

            To connect your social accounts, select the Connect Social Accounts tile.

            To connect Google Alerts, select “Connect”.

            Before entering your credentials, you will need to complete two steps:

            1. Log in to to set up alerts.

            2. Go to and turn on less secure apps.

            Select the Google Alerts link from the pop-up window:

            Select “Sign In”.

            Enter your email address and select “Next”.

            Enter your password and select “Next”.

            You are now logged in to Google Alerts.

            In the “Me on the Web” section, select the plus icon next to your name and email address.

            These alerts are now added. You may want to add additional alerts, for example, specific product names.

            Return to your ReviewRev account and select the Less Secure Apps URL:

            Toggle the button to “On” to allow less secure apps.

            Less secure apps is now on.

            Return to your ReviewRev account, enter your login credentials, and select “Continue”.

            Google Alerts is now connected.

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