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            Testing Your Survey

            To preview your survey, select the “Test Survey” button.

            Enter your cell phone number and select “Send”.

            Check your phone for the message and select the link.

            Your customer has the option to give you a thumbs down or thumbs up. If the customer gives you a thumbs up, we’ll ask them to leave a review on your enabled platforms. If they give you a thumbs down, they can leave a review only you will see.

            Happy customers will then be prompted to leave a review on your enabled platforms. If the customer doesn’t have an account on these platforms, they can select the “Click Here” button and their review will appear on your reviews page only.

            The customer will add their testimonial, name, and email. When they’re done, they’ll select “Submit”.

            The survey is now complete.

            Updated: 23 May 2019 08:44 AM
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